June 6th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute


Yahoo!!! School's out!! Today was an awesome day! It was just soo cool! I can't describe it!
First hour was phy ed. I again worked on skateboarding. That's really fun. I got some nice feedback from both my adaptive P.E. teacher and my regular phy ed teacher. My adaptive teacher and I go way back to preschool, and it seems that our time has come to a close. We don't take P.E. after tenth grade unless we sign up for weight training or something, and I won't be able to do that until senior year, and then I'll do PSEO, so who knows? She gave me a present, which was really nice of her! She had a t-shirt made at the mall for me that says "No Boundries" and has a blue sky with white clouds. She also gave me a water bottle and a few different walletts that go around your neck. That was really nice of her. She told me that she was proud of the accomplishments I'd made, and that she was glad that I did things like rock climbing and skateboarding because it showed courage. I don't think she's used to seeing blind people do that stuff, but that's not her fault. It used to be that I felt that sighted people needed a major attitude adjustment, but I don't think we really give them any room to make that adjustment sometimes, and who can blame them if they don't know? That's like blaming someone for not knowing how to do a math problem when they've never seen it done. Okay, I'm off the soap box now. Then my regular phy ed teacher came down to where my adaptive teacher and I were, and gave me some stretchy bands and some instructions to use them to simulate some weight training exercises. That was way abouve and beyond! She knew that I wanted to continue working this summer, but can't get to weight training. Then she gave me a frame with a picture of blue sky and clouds and a poem by e.e. Comings. It's a beautiful poem! It may sound imature, but I really liked having positive feedback, it helped me know that parts of this year, at least, were okay, and people liked what I did.
Second hour was French. I really like my French teacher, she's really nice. I took the French final today, it was kind of hard, but not that bad.
Third hour was Speech, we listened to a speech and then the rest of the class watched a movie, but I did some reading.
Fourth hour was Algebra 2, and I finnished the final. Hard, but not as bad as last time!
Then I went and taped a short book for some ESL students.
Now, I'm home, I've finished most of my workout. We've got a grad party tonight, then a fund-raiser for ASP tomorrow, then another grad party.
See you all later!!


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