May 15th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute

Learning... Or something

Well, today was another normally wierd and not that fun day. I mean parts of it were good. I had an Iced Coffee in a can. Before you think that sounds gross, it's not! It's good, it's the kind with milk and such. I can't get JAWS to pronounce it right, and I have no idea how to spell it.
Anyway, we had a quiz in French. I don't think I did as well as I wanted to. We had to remember African countries in French. The problem was that what you had was a map, then pictures of guys and girls. So, you'd see Morocco, then a girl. You had to figure out what the feminen version of Moroccan in French was. It's not like I had to enterrpret the map 'cause the teacher read the quiz to me. In that class, I have the book and workbook in Braille, and the rest isn't, but that's okay because the teacher emails me stuff, and also reads anything I need. Plus, most of it's not that hard anyway. If I had problems, she'd help me, but getting things Brailled is difficult, especially when a class can go really fast.
For Speech class, I'm trying to decide what to do my informational speech on, either ASP (the Mision trip I go on in summer) or Braille. I'm leaning toward Braille, at least I can find 3 sources! Anyway, I'm reading a ton of Braille about Braille, and my hand's getting tired! I know I could have the BrailleNote read to me, but if I don't practice, I'll never get better and faster and at least look like less of an idiot!
Math was it's usual self. That class always gives me probs.

Now jumping back to yesterday, at dinner, I could barely figure out how to eat! It almost drove me nuts!
More later, gotta study!

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