May 10th, 2003

Cut cuddle and be Cute


Okay, so you heard me complain about my sleep problems already, and if you don't believe me, look at the time of the writing of this journal. Why would a teenager be up at six? Well, 'cause they woke up at four! Yep, it's a Saturday, and I'm sitting hear unable to go to sleep.
But on to the fun stuff right? If any of you know about my adiction to vanilla coke (not the kind Betty was drinkin'), you can imagine how happy that I am that I think my mom got me some! Yep, I'll be chugging that vanilla coca cola and such! High on caffene should help me do homework right? Sure!! I can see all of you nodding your heads saying to yourselves "What is this girl taking?" Well, actually nothing, but hey, it always pays to act like you are and then not be right?
Anyway, I think it's time for "Nickie's Pick up line of the day!" Drum roll please!!
"Here, I give you my phone number. When you worry, call me. I make you happy!"
Brought to you from the lyrics of "Don't Worry Be Happy"

Hugs to all!

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