Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


I have been wound up tight for a while and I still am. I really wish I could just let things go easily. I envy people who can cry easily. I know they're sometimes embarrassed by it, but it would sure be a nice outlet. I experienced something this afternoon which in all wasn't bad, a discussion that has left me feeling very emotional, but that worked itself out. At least it was between myself and someone I respect and trust. It's one more thing I need to deal with emotionally. I also realize that the pain is really getting to me, and that I am probably not thinking rationally. I've felt so fragile lately!
A friend came to visit today and that was definitely a plus.
I had my first session with a reader for French. She did a great job and I feel like I understand the concepts better and can actually feel like I'm prepared to go to class.
I don't think I'll be going to dinner. Honestly, the pain tollerence is out the window. I can't imagine walking that far. I'll try to warm something up later. For now, I'll do my TRW homework.

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