Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Today and all of that good junk

Today started out pretty terrible. I wasn't in the mood to get up at all. I just wwanted to curl up in a ball somewhere. I couldn't get my foot into a shoe so I had to wear sandals instead.
Psychology was pretty interesting. I learned some interesting stuff, mainly because we talked about perception and sensory stuff. As someone who was born with only light and color perception as far as vision goes, I don't necissarily understand all the visual stuff. I learned that when watching a movie, most sighted people actually feel like the sound is coming from the screen even though it isn't. It's coming from the speakers. I was shocked by that.
I came back to the dorm and worked on stuff, then went to TRW. We're starting a unit on art and the asthetic. I'm not sure how well I'll do at this. I hope I do okay. If nothing else, I am sure I'll learn stuff about how others see things. Luckily, my instructor really wants us to succeed and wants to help, so I think if I don't understand stuff, I can ask her.
French was pretty good. I do fine with the concepts, but listening for all of it gets togugh.
I cam e back here and found out I won't get into PT for at least another couple weeks, so we may try to see if I can get practiced on bby the students here. I need to figure out who to ask about that.
I had a nice dinner with a friend, and now am back here, writing in my LJ. There's going to be a class on stress-busters some time soon. That sounds exciting!
So, all in all, today was definitely better than I expected.
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