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Nickie Coby


I didn't get to sleep until late last night. I didn't feel too great, and today I paid majorly for that little problem. Psychology was okay, I got my test back. 88% is not what I wanted. Yes, I can recover it, but the mistakes I made wer dumb ones! This will not make suense to anyone who wasn't at graduation, but I could just hear the phraze "What the hell were you thinking?" echoing through the gymnaseum again.
I met with my adviser today. We went over the survey/test/obnoxiously long thing I filled out a few weeks ago. It's a good thing, but it would've helped if they'd labeled strongly agree and disagree on more than just the first page. So:

  • On a scale of 1 out of 100, I get a 3 for sociability

  • I scored high on the emotional tentions and unpleasant thoughts question

  • Math and science are not my strengths

Does any of this surprise you? Go ahead, comment annonimously if you like. I won't delete comments unless I find a troll.
The recommendations were pretty much (if I remember):

  • See a counselor or someone about emotional tensions and uunpleasant thoughts

  • Get help and tutorring for math and science

  • Go to clubs and activities

Most of those aren't things that surprise me too much. They are things I plan to do, too. Then I got lost on the way out of Derham hall, but luckily, I'm getting O&M in that building on Wednesday. That also makes me feel better, since if I were to decide to go to the counseling office, I could do it independently and not have to ask a stranger for help finding it. I'm not sure why that matters, but it does. I guess if it's medical or personal, I want to have as much privacy as any other student. It's bad enough that I usually have to fill out paperwork in the lobby out loud at Dewdrop Pond. Then I got my mail and all that jazz.
Lunch was a sandwich and ice cream. Then I went to the exhibit I mentioned earlier. I'll write more later on that. Now, I'm too tired to formulate sentences.
Okay, so Julio ticked me off a bit coming out of there, just because there's ducks, doesn't mean I wanna go meet them.

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