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Food glorious Food!

Well I've pretty much decided to go to the state fair with the youth group. I want to see my friends, and there's no other way to do it. Here are the things I wanna do:

  • Eat

    • Cheese curds

    • Those big buckets of cookies

    • A bunch of other stuff that's bad for me

  • Do stupid stuff at the fair, preferably stuff that makes people think I'm crazy, even better playing off my blindness

  • Get to feel at least one exhibit, or actually ask others to describe stuff

  • Not freak out when they do the fireworks

That's some of it anyway. I really hope it's going to be fun.

I'm thinking of working on my web site, or maybe just scrapping the whole dumb thing. I really don't know if there's anything worth anything up there, so whatever. I guess parts of it must be okay, and for some odd reason people actually think it's cool, but I don't have motivation to do anything to it anymore. Perhaps if I had a broadband connection.

My Braillenote made it to Pulsedata Humanware, so that's a plus. I hope it comes back soon, or I'm going to be in trouble during school which starts in a week.
I think I'll go see if
Blind Kiss
has anything new.
I'm debating taking a nice long nap so I'll have more energy tonight at the fair. But that's still open.
Well, TTFN!



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