Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

I can't think of a subject!

So the heart things seem to be slightly calmer today. I suspect it's all nervousness not the medication. I got all my papers done and all that fun stuff. This is great accept that I don't have anything to distract me until I get picked up for the doctor's appointment.
A coupple people have asked how/when I re-injured myself, and I'm guessing others are wondering. In July, I was getting off of the bus when I missed the curb. I twisted my ankle, but now don't recall which way. If the torn theory from the MRI is correct, I twisted my foot outward best as I can tell. It's hard not to kick myself (no punn intended), because I was actually getting better before the fall. But that's life I guess.
In psychology lab this morning we had to do some visual observations. I need to send an email to one of the lists I'm on and get a few suggestions. Thank good ness for the ONiel Center!

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