Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


Today has been much better. I realized that a lot of things I was stressing over aren't worth it. I also got a few things figured out and having that done helps. I think this will be manageable. I'm probably not the first student who wanted to scream.
Dad helped Julio and I with a few routes, and that was a good thing. We patterned a certain yellow lab to find one of the buildings, which will be a good thing. We got the email situation figured out thanks to the nice people in the tech helpdesk. We didn't find a suitable microphone for recording classes on my mPower, so I'll probably need to send a few emails.
I'm happy to say that I like the mPower a lot. If we could figure out the junk with the mic, it'd be even better. I wonder what that's all about. Either way, it was a great choice of purchase, and I'm glad I have 32 cells!
Things seem more manageable today. Contacts from friends have helped too. I'm making friends here. Tomorrow I have mobility which will also help. I need to figure out how to drop that course.
I think I may have to use a reader for French, not sure though. Kurzweil isn't being nice to me right now. At least my floor mates are. I love them to pieces!
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