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Today spuds16 and I went to Big Apple Bagel. Yummy! This may be the last bagel sandwich I get from them for a long time. I'm starting to say my good-byes. And it's weird!
I've officially talked to three people about their high school schedules. It's strange realizing I'm not going to be joining them. No more high school is kind of weird. It's weird thinking I won't be in the cafeteria eating Italian Dunkers. It's weird realizing I won't see my teachers who know me and say "hi". In less than a week, I'll be in a totally new environment. I remember what that was like at GDB. But it wasn't so bad because we all had one thing in common: we all wanted a Guide Dog. It was a great experience. I'm hoping college is as good. I don't want to hate it. I'm sure it will be fine once I'm there. There is a part of me that's getting excited. The pain is a factor in my fear and I know that. I think the appointment with the doctor is making me more nervous. I'm not sure what result would be best anymore.
Two weeks from tomorrow, I should know what's wrong. Or at least know what could be wrong. Or know absolutely nothing. Or maybe wish I knew nothing. I never expected things to turn out this way. I'm starting to get excited for classes, but the foot is worrying me and I'm just afraid that there'll be difficulties. What if they make me use crutches. Those of you who know me well know how uncoordinated I am. I can't use crutches! Or if I did, I'd need help. One thing is for sure though, it's not going to ruin my fall semester. I will not let it make me fail. I've finally started to feel excited and realize that there is a chance to do great things at college and I'm not going to let this foot get me down. Now talk to me in another hour and you'll probably get a different response!

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