Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

12:10 PM: I have to use mobile posting because the net is down right now.
Anyway, I'm in a good mood. I'm going to go with a friend to McDonalds for
some lunch. I'm very tired; woke up at 2:30 this morning. This means I'm
going to fill up on caffeine. But at least I can deal with this. The
patches do seem to be helping.
Maybe I'll add to this entry and talk about the non-foot-related aspects of
the last week or so. I'm not sure yet.
Ah, why not? So if I repeat stuff, sorry. I don't remember what I've
written the last few days. So the whole foot thing got worse, and I went to
Car Care and after that acupuncture. We both agreed that my foot was not
doing well and I needed to go to the pain clinic. After that bit of cheery
news, I joined my friends for a picnic.
Pretty much everyone there was related to the Guide Dog community in some
way. We had a bunch of doggies playing in the large fenced in yard. It was
a good time, that's for sure!
I got quite a bit of sun on my left side, so I radiated heat that night. It
felt good to be in the sun though.
I cheated and took some Tylenol PM that night. I actually got enough sleep
which was a very good thing. Sunday morning, we went to church. My friend
who I hadn't seen for like a month was there. I hadn't expected her to be
there, so it was good to see her.
We had the carnival. It was definitely fun. There was a battle of the
bands and there was plenty of food. I ate a lot. My foot was sore and I
was exhausted. I napped a tiny in the car on the way to the next gathering.
My "sister" her husband and the twins are going to Europe and we said
good-bye to them. After all of that, we went home.
Monday, I talked to a friend on the phone and was about to decide to get
together with her and a few other friends the next day but nixed it because
we weren't sure if I could handle it foot wise. I did go to prayer, which
was a definite bonus.
Tuesday, I called the pain clinic. I also got together with a friend and
she and I went to Subway. I showed her the second edition of my podcast
which she liked.
Wednesday was the injection which I've reported on before.
Thursday I had acupuncture which may have been more aggravating in the long
run. We went out to dinner then picked up dad from the airport.
Like I said, I didn't sleep well last night. I'm hoping to tonight. I may
have to start taking Tylenol PM, until I get through the awful pain.
Well, I wish the internet would come back up, but it hasn't yet. So I'm
gonna make this one entry, and write another one later.

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