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Wierdness or is it?

Here's mine:
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:puppybraille
Your haiku:be helping with the
neurologist on monday
that's good yesterday
by Grahame

And now for actual content!
Yesterday went okay school orientation/schedule pick up wasn't anything I loved doing, but I lived. Physical therapy was good. We've found something I can do until I'm healthy: water exercises, even some water arobics! I can do it because the water causes me to not put so much weight on my foot, and that causes less, and usually no, pain! Exercising feels good! It's nice to move around!
Last night we had a party to say good-bye to all the seniors who are leaving for college. It's hard to think of them leaving, they've meant so much to me. They take good care of me, in the way friends do. We've had such a great bond it will be wierd not having them around.
Well, I gotta go.



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