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What a beautiful morning!

This morning I wore pajamas. It's my practice, in the summer, to wear pajamas as long as I can during the day without feeling like a bum. So, naturally, I was still wearing pajamas when I went outside to relieve Julio.
As I opened the door, the crisp air bit at my arms, legs and sandal clad feet. I saw the sun, tinted pinks, purples and maybe oranges. The birds sang and the gentle breeze blew. Julio did his business, right on top of some smartweed. It stung my arm a little.
I stayed outside a few minutes. It was so beautiful. I couldn't help myself, I just started singing "God of Wonders".
I have always loved sunrises and sunsets. They are one of the few things in God's creation I can enjoy with my eyes. And sometimes, enjoying with your eyes is nice.
It was just what I needed to see. I've been worried about so much. So many things are swirling inside my head. Fears about college, fears of RSD coming back, pain, anger at myself, struggles to figure out how to be a good kid and so much more. It's hard growing up. I honestly don't like some of it. It feels like this year has been full of growing pains. But God still cares. He sent me a beautiful sunrise.

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