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Speaking in the summer

My parents returned home from ASP on Sunday and we went to Applebees. It was good, but I had an allergic reaction to something again. I wonder if it's related to the bug bites I had all over. Not fun at all. Who knows. Anyway, I went home and took some Benedril, and took another dose yesterday. I seem to be fine today.
Yesterday in the morning, I went to speak at a summer school where blind students learn vital skills and all of that fun stuff. I talked about having a Guide Dog and especially about Guide Dogs for the Blind, since that's my area of knowledge. The students seemed interested which was good.
Then I went home and rested since I was drugged up. Oh, almost forgot: While there I learned to make flatbread/peta pizzas. You can make them with a microwave, and they're really pretty good. Whish I'd known that last week!

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