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Oh no!

This is horrible!
I don't care where you stand on politics. I don't care what you think about the U.S., The U.K., Saddam Husein, Iraq, Afghanastan or Israel. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that this is horrible! What gives people the idea that they can and should do this stuff! It's awful. I hat it.
My heart goes out to everyone who was on these trains. I am glad this didn't cause the blood bath it did two weeks ago, but still feel awful that it happened. My prayers are with you!
What disturbs me is that this crap is going on every day in Israel and Iraq and other countries that don't make the newspapers and we probably don't even bat an eye. it's just a fact of life. I'm not downplaying London, I just wish the hatred could go away so none of these countries would have to deal with this.
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