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Fun days

I'm still working on my convention entry. It's okay so far. It'll probably be pretty long which is good I guess. There's so many memories!
Okay, so yeah, I should probably talk about the last few days:
Saturday we went to a friend's birthday party. I didn't know many people there, but there was good food, so everything was okay.
Sunday, I didn't really do a lot. I just chilled out. It was so hot out!!
Monday, there was a BrailleNote mPower presentation at SSB which was very good. Can I say "I want one!"? Good, 'cause I'm gonna. I had a hard time sleeping that night.
Tuesday, I went to spuds16's place of employment. I wasn't feeling great, so I was grateful when a friend brought me to her place and I could rest. Unfortunately, I tripped, twisting my ankle on the way off the bus. Not fun.
What was fun, though, was the fact that my friend gave me directions on how to get to the bus to meet michael_m downtown. I executed the route on my own! Completely! No mobility instructor, friend or sibling there on the bus to bail me out! We went to a great restaurant for dinner. Did a presentation for STP. It was great to be back there again! It was also way way overwhelming. I don't know if I helped any of the kids, but I hope I did.
Went back to Michael's house and hung out there. Then went home where I slept until 6.
Yesterday, I had Follow up. It went well and I got some great tips. It's nice to hear that we're doing well. I tend to think of myself as a not very good handler if I'm not careful. It's good to hear that we're doing fine.
All in all, this has been a confidence building week. I've done some of my own cooking (little stuff like sandwiches and warming up stuff). I'm going to be okay.
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