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Interesting day

I've been having a hard time staying asleep lately, and this morning was no exception, but I was able to force some sleep until about 7. Julio threw up... Part of the potatoe from Sunday... TMI I know. But hey, I had to experience it. You only had to read it. Oh yeah, guess I didn't mention the potato, he ate almost all of it, raw, before we caught him.
Okay, so yesterday, I went to Kodiak with friends which was definitely nice! I had a lot of fun! They gave me a braille keychain with my name on it. While we were there, there was one heck of a big storm! The sky was pretty dark, looked black to me, the streets were almost flooding and there was a really loud thunder strike.
I also had prayer last night which was good!
This morning, I went to the DMV to get a new I.D. since I've now been certified for Metro Mobility and need either a metro I.D., or to have an A on my state ID. I wanted the state id, simply so I'd have one less card to keep track of. When I got there, the lady talked to mom, told me that I should get the other one that's free from metro. She didn't know what metro was, and when I explained it to her, she said, very loudly, "Oh, it's the special bus," in the tone that made me cringe. She also basically discounted my opinion, in a way that was making fun of me like a little kid because my mother was driving. I'm fine with her expressing her opinion that it would be cheeper. But I'm not fine with her making fun of me, letting mom make that decision (especially when it's my money), or embarrassing me in front of random strangers. If she treats everyone like that, she'll likely be fired.
I did get to go down town with spuds16. I wasn't feeling amazing, but Julio did get some good work in. And it was fun to hang out with her.
I did a lot of talking on the phone which was fun, but my throat is now scratchy and sore. Maybe I wore myself out enough to sleep.

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