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I know nothing!

Well, I can't say I'm very happy right now. But if you want me to ly, I will.
Okay, here's the truth. The appointment left me sore and frusturated. The neurologist made a bigger deal out of my blindness than I felt was nessicary. I really didn't feel like my blindness was an issue with the nerves in my foot, but whatever.
Then I had to have an EMG. They use electrodes to measure your nerve reaction to electricity, it was a shocking experience. They also stick a needle in my foot and leg and look at what my muscles are doing. Fun stuff! Sarcastically said.
After all that, I know that there is something going on because there is some muscle weakness. Yeah, I could have told you that.
Well, I'm crabby, discouraged, and should probably shut up.
Let's just say that I've always been scared of doctors, and when I feel better, I'll write more to help myself unwind.



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