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Wow, I'm writing

So I realize that I haven't written since Friday. I've been pretty busy this weekend and beginning of the week. Saturday, we went out for breakfast, which wasn't all that good.. It may be that I'm nervous about gradgitation, but I didn't feel good after eating it.
Then I worked on some stuff. A few friends had open houses and I went to those, in one case, I saw a friend I haven't seen for like a year. That was good.
For dinner, we went to China Buffet which wasn't bad. Sunday, I went to church for the recognition of the grads. The service was cool, they had three speakers talk about graduating and holding onto faith. We got up there and talked about our future plans, then the UMW got up and gave us quilts. Mine has a lot of cool textures which is really neat!
Then it was off with a friend for what I thought would be a quick cup of coffee and a chat. All of a sudden, I heard the voice of a mutual friend and soon I was "kid-napped" note the quotes. They took me to CrackerBarrell, one of my favorites, then Como for a nice walk. Did you know Guide Dogs can ride the marry-go-round?
Yesterday, I was stressing. I did get my paper done, and survived the awards ceremony. Julio didn't do too badly. I was surprised by the awards though!
Today was good. Party in second hour... Help with speech in third. Surprising gift from michael_m. Hard test in fourth hour. Need to do homework.

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