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Don't give me that!

So Julio's favorite meal must be turkey gravy given his behavior in the cafeteria yesterday. After a little discussion involving a leash and lots of obedience, he seems to have gotten over that little epesode slightly today. Although I must admit that Italian Dunkers don't have meat in them which may make them less desirable.
Acupuncture was great last night. I slept during the session and today I've been feeling very little pain. I still have some, but the swelling is down quite a bit. This is good. I've also been able to cut back down to 1 Tylinol PM, something I haven't been able to do for two years! I'm feeling better knowing that I'm not taking so much medicine.
I'm sort of hoping I'll get rid of the major mood variations I feel. I know medicine can do these types of things to me, I mean, look at the steroids and such when I was in the middle of those allergic reactions.
My articles for journalism seem dead, flat, in short horrible! I'm hoping to reserect them soon... as in this weekend.
I want some sleep eventually, but as seems to be happening a lot lately, I'm having way way way too much fun!
Can I just publicly say that these Disney songs are bringing back some fun memories? Too bad, I'm gonna! Jeff Bishop's show is awesome today!
I'm random!
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