Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Just another manic Monday

So I woke up early to finish the book Green Grass, Running Water. It's different. But in a different way, I liked it. It was funny to me, especially because I had it on tape and had it way sped up, so it sounded like a chipmonk.
One of the things I was dreading dealing with didn't go as stressfully for me as I'd expected yesterday, so that was good.
This morning, I got to school and didn't feel good. I haven't really all day, and I know it's stress. I've actually regressed back to chewing on my lip which is a bad habit I discarded at the end of sophomore year. Not good... not good at all!
I realized that I forgot to talk to my teacher about the test I had in first hour, so spent time then feeling like an idiot because I didn't have it in Braille. My popular literature (first hour), teacher asked me to read my story. I only succeeded in reading a fourth of it before I felt really sick and chickened out. So my teacher finished it.
Second hour, I got all my discussion points. What else? Not much, accept that we didn't take the quiz, so I wouldn't have needed to miss taking a shower this morning to finish the book after all (darn it!!!!).
Third hour, got a rough draft of my podcasting article banged out. I've gotta send it to my teacher.
During third hour, I also took the test I missed in first hour, then had to stand outside with Julio until he decided to poop. Let's just say he'd been a fragrent doggy earlier. So because of all that, I didn't get lunch. I grabbed some goldfish from my journalism teacher and called mom, telling her to bring me food at the end of the day.
Fourth our found out that I got a b+ a minus on the paper for that class. Not bad.
Now, I'm home, fighting a headache and tired.

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