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Today was a pretty interesting day. I had a kiropracter appointment, then went to school.
First hour was pretty cool. It was phy-ed, my adaptive phy-ed teacher went to the Race For the Cure yesterday. Afterword, there were tents from various sponsors with a lot of free stuff there. There is another girl, who is doing weight training, not part of my class, but we interact a lot, and my teacher brought us both somelittle goody bags. It was a granola bar, a bracelet, a bandana, and a hairbrush. It was cool, though, because the hairbrush folds into it'self. It's small, but can expand to a nice size. I also got a good workout, which was cool.
Second hour was French wich I love.
The rest of the day was fairly normal, but I got chocolate chip cookies for a snack after school! Yum!

Anyway, here's what I'm thinking about now. How come I can have awesome days, where I feel normal, like today, happy, not wanting to bite everyone's head off, and then the next, I wanna crawl into a corner or bawl or scream? I think it's natural to just go up and down at this age, but it's some ride! I just keep telling myself it's character building! Right?

Anyway, I'll talk to ya all later!


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