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Finally Friday, but I'm not free

Pop quiz: What's the symbolism of the fact that I will be tired tomorrow?
Answer: I spent forever working on the book Sula finding information on Toni Morrison and the themes in her books. Knowing my luck, I won't even have enough information and I'll have to go back and do it all over again. This is so frustrating. I'm giving myself a headache. Every time I walk into this class I feel like an idiot!
The rest of my day was good, but it's being overshadowed by all of this stuff with homework.
The good news is that I was productive today. I

  • ATe dinner.

  • Compiled a 15 page document of stuff that may or may not be helpful

  • Discovered that Sula is available from web-braille.

  • Transferred a bunch of work to my Bookport.

But I still need to read at least a hundred pages worth of material, I'd guess at least 200 actually. Then I need to get this paper written and I need to find the scanner and scan all of the stuff I need to know inside and out by Tuesday. It's going to take a while. It's on colored paper and I'm bad at scanning, but maybe this'll work.
I'm not sure where that paper went. Let's hope I can find it and the scanner.
Okay, the wrant is over. Positive things today:

  • I got two cups of coffee.

  • We're watching Gillead in first hour.

  • I've seen this and can figure out what's going on most of the time.

  • I've finished reading the actual book Sula

  • My leisure book is by Rebecca St. James and it really seems good.

  • My BraillNote is coming back!

  • The acupuncture is working!!

  • This week is over!

  • I get to go see Ginny Owens

  • I'm still feeling better than I was last week and the months before that.

  • God's on my side.

  • I've got a gorgious puppy named Julio who gives me kisses all the time.

  • I have fun music to listen to.

Okay, so things aren't all that bad.
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