Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

If this were Sesimy Street, today would be brought to you by the Verseille Treaty

Yes, quotes like this are exactly why I put myself through a College in the Schools class with a challenging teacher the quarter before graduation.

My interview with Dad went over well this morning in popular literature. We discussed magical realism (I don't get that at all!), in CIS Lit. I worked on journalism stuff in journalism. Then we worked on getting ready for the mid term as well as learning about stuff from the end of World War 1.
I did get a loaner note taker to borrow, and what a tragedy, it has a 32 cell display. How on earth will I ever handle that? If you can't tell, that sentence was dripping with sarcasm... I like 32 cells a lot!
The doctor called today and left a message. I was like "What!!" I didn't think it was possible to have broken my arm considering it was doing pretty well most of the time. It was just a courtesy call to let me know it wasn't broken. Definitely creeped me out though!
What else do I have to talk about? Not much that I can think of accpet:
Happy birthday to my LJ!
I'll write another post up about stuff it's done in the last year.

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