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Sunday Morning comin' down

Yeah, so tomorrow my LJ turns 2. Yay for bad grammar, rambly entries and really cool friends! I'm really honored that so many people actually read this thing!
Friday night, I crashed. I was in such a good mood, I guess it had to end some time. I find myself in this weird pattern where I have fun, then all of the sudden, I'm crashing. I don't know why. It makes very little sense. That mood held all day yesterday and somewhat into today. Hopefully it's ending now.
Trying to record an interview on the computer is a pain in the rear end. Sorry, but I so don't get how anyone can actually have fun with that. Maybe it's my audio ineptitude, but I don't think I'll be doing any more of that. It wouldn't be so bad if Goldwave had recorded my sound successfully...
Let's just say I have even more respect for my friends who do podcasts and radio shows and even voice chat. Hey, I'm lucky I know how to use a telephone!
Oh well, on to bigger and better things like lunch today. I had mom make a grilled cheese with chedar cheese, ham and onions and man was it good!
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