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Okay, first, this bozo criminal report:
Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today's report from South Portland, Maine. Bozo Chamrone Curtis decided to hold up a branch of the Norway
Savings Bank. He carefully wrote out his holdup note and inserted it into the pneumatic tube system in the drive thru. Not the best way to pull off a hold
up. When the teller sent back an empty tube, our bozo simply pulled away. But not before the bank employees got a description of his vehicle and the license
plate number. He's under arrest.

Gotta love it!
Today I've spent working on project stuff for Staggerford. BTW, for those who have access to bookshare, it'll be up there later.
Acupuncture helped today. And I got to go to Devoni's. I'm having a hard time recording sound on the laptop though. Argh!
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