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Today was a good day. I had to take a test on the book Staggerford, but it wasn't that hard. Then we got to go down to the agriculture fair. Julio did well even though there were tons of distractions. I was really proud of him!

Second hour we discussed Their Eyes Were Watching God outside. That was refreshing!
Journalism we went to the ag fair again and Julio performed beautifully.
Fourth hour was history where we analized posters from world war I.
Then I got to go to the chiropractor. That went well.
I went to my old elementary school and chatted with some of my teachers.
Then we fed Julio at home.
I went to the carnival which was fun too.
I ended up getting a friend to work with me which was good because the thing I was supposed to help with was visual. You had to read a print number then find the toy/prize that went with it. And when you were really lucky, you got to identify colors.
Now I'm home and listening to The Desert Skies. I've never gotten to before.
I may try to write more about today in My Stories of Julio Blog. It'll focus more on the Guide Dog aspect.

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