Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Well... then

So yesterday, my notetaker crashed. Can't find the flash disk... Not good. I called tech support but haven't heard anything yet. I'll probably call again tomorrow. It's definitely making school interesting! At least it's not finals week.
I should've just graduated early. I'd still have walked at the same time, but been free for the last quarter of high school. The only way I could justify that is if I had a job and was earning mula for colleg. Unfortunately, there's no way I can get a job until I'm out of Flaketown.
In other news, the arm kills and they still don't know whether it's broken. So I have to go in for another X-Ray. This is frustrating to say the least! For anyone who's not aware of the whole foot thing, let's just say they thought I had a stress fracture for about two months. But I didn't and we're still trying to treat the peroneal tendonitis. That's what the acupuncture's for.
Feels like I've been down this road before.
Oh and I've created a blog on blogger to hopefully talk about my experiences with Julio in a high school setting. Right now there's not much up there. Maybe I'll even get into podcasting someday.
The link is
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