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Between yesterday and today, I think I have been able to shrug off the shell-shocked feeling I've had all week. I don't know why things like this take so much out of me, but it's good that I've been able to balance it out. I know there's a psychology term for this, but for the life of me, I don't remember what it is.
This morning started out rainy. Actually, pretty much the whole day was rainy. I did some stuff here, then Mom and I went to a conference called Dreams With Wings. It was actually an all day conference, but since we're trying to get Julio back to working without overwhelming him and we had to feed him during the day, we asked not to go until lunch time.
Lunch was okay, just sandwiches, baked Lays, a nummy brownie and water (I don't like milk in cartons.)
Then we had a self-defense presentation. The instructor was really good. She's a police officer. She was funny and taught us a lot of helpful techniques. Usually with those classes, I feel left out. It was amazing this time. She was really helpful and took extra time to make sure I understood everything she wanted me to do.
Then, we had the keynote speaker, she's a local TV reporter and she's also a quadraplegic. She was awesome! She really told a lot of good stuff. She talked about how important friendships are. She also talked about having a disability. I got to meet her afterwords. She's incredibly nice!
Just wanted to report on how much better my day went!
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