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Let's see how many people I can tick off!

Here's what I sent to the ACB-L list.
From: "Nickie Coby" <> Hi Everyone,
> I''ve been reading all of the comments about the little girl who drowned
here in Minnesota, and I feel it's time for me to weigh in as well.
> First, I am very saddened by this event. I've never been a parent, but
I've grieved the loss of my grandparents, and I can only imagine the pain
the family is going through.
> Secondly, I don't think there were enough counselors with the kids on this
trip. After Convention I went to a sports camp here in Minnesota. Each kid
had a counselor, this was necessary because of the sports we were doing.
With the amount of kids, if each kid had had to wait for help learning a
concept (such as throwing a frisbee or rolling a goalball) it would have
taken forever. When we went swimming every day, the kids were required to
stay within arms reach of their counselors. I should point out that all of
the counselors were sighted. Later in the week, one of the counselors broke
her foot in judo, and a friend of mine who is a blind college student and
was a mentor at the camp took over teaching the girl. They stayed within
the ropes of a line, and again, they were within arms reach.
> THE other thing is that the counselor should not have let that little girl
go to the beach unsupervised. Whether the girl got disoriented, or just
wanted to leave the game and snuck off doesn't really matter, but a little
six year old could get into a lot of trouble unsupervised. So in that case,
vision did have something to do with it. The techneques weren't being used
when the little girl was out of arms reach going to the beach.
> My problem isn't so much with blind counselors, but with the ratio used,
there should have been at least one more counselor. And if you're going to
use all blind counselors, don't ever let a kid do something alone. Even my
sighted parents wouldn't have let me go to the beach from the lake by
> well, that's all I have to say. I just hope changes are made and that the
family and friends can heal.

> Nickie

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Okay, now for a few other things. The report on Convention will come, I promise. I have a mission trip on Friday, so it may be after that which will be some time after August 3.
Before I left for Convention, someone asked how I do this stuff on my live journal, meaning how could I use a computer if I can't see the screen. Here's a quick explanation:
I use a laptop, just a regular laptop, that has software installed on it that makes it talk. Right now, it tells me what keys I'm hitting as I type. When I want to do things like select the current mood and current music, it will tell me that stuff too. That's the really stripped down explanation. I need to go so I can try to convince mom to take me to Wendy's on the tandum. (I'm referring to Wendy's the burger place)


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