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Great two days!

I hope to write more about what I did these two days soon. They were too good to rush through them in this entry, yet that's waht I'll be doing.
Yesterday morning I went to coffee with a good friend. She is attending the college i'll be attending next year, so she answered some questions. We got to catch up too!!
Then Mom and I rushed to the prayer vigil. That was awesome! Definitely powerful! After my half hour, I sat out in the narthex and did homework then talked to a friend and fellow member of the prayer team.
I grabbed some lunch (I'm getting sick of fast food!), and headed home to pack. My friend and mentor picked me up and we went to Eagle Brook. The sermon and music were really good!
We grabbed dinner at KFC which I wasn't hungry for, but when I started eating, I felt better and it tasted good.
We got to the lockin late and I still had to feed Julio. I did, then we rehearsed. By the end, I was so tired!!! I could barely hold up myself!
Even though I was exhausted, it took a long time to sleep mainly because of the foot. Finally I did sleep, but it was disturbed with a very weird dream.
The sun rise service went really well. It was a good one to end my high school career with. For once, I don't feel the need to down-play how I did by saying I didn't do well... I studdered... I sounded stupid when I prayed... Or any of the other things I usually say.
We had breakfast (YUMMY!). Then Hel and I went to coffee.
Came home and such. Then had lunch with the "family".
Good times!
Okay, gotta go.

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