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Whoa... That was cool!

So today ended up being longer than I expected.
I got up earlier than I wanted to so I could take a shower and eat some pizza for breakfasst. Then I headed to the chiropractor. Other than running into a door because I wasn't following Julio, it went well.
Then I did the Kodiak route. It went okay, but we totally messed up this one street crossing. For anyone who's like "so what?" let me explain. It's important for Julio to cross the street with me well because he could get lazy which isn't good when crossing streets. He wasn't bringing me to the curb cut which is what he's supposed to do. I wasn't happy, but I dealt.
Then I got a carmel vanilla latte and hung around Kodiak while drinking some and doing homework. Mom left me there for a while which was nice.
Then we went down to see spuds16. We went to this restaurant with burgers and maults and such. I had a shake instead of a malt because malts and I don't get along. I guess we're not friends or something (J/K!!).
After that, we got Baxter out of the car and walked around Dinkytown (sp?). So yeah, I'm sore from that.
Then we went to Target to get stuff for the Operation Christmas Child collection that's going on for tsunami victims. I think there may be some info on that on KTIS's web site.
There were so many people there!! It was awesome! Wow! God works so well in so many ways!
Anyway, I'm just amazed!
It was a good day. Tonight's the Good Friday service which I'll report on when I get a chance. I'm actually gonna have a copy of the responsorial reading to read on my BrailleNote.
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