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Well, today I feel okay. I'm tired, as always, but that's okay. I haven't started packing yet, but I will. It'll be nice to go to convention!! The cool news is that the school collection of literature that I was published in just got transcribed into Braille and will be done in time for Convention after all! I can't believe I was good enough to get into the magazine, but I was. It's really cool that I was published and have it transcribed in Braille. At least one barier is broken, I'm not forced to sit there wishing I could see my work published, I can take that volume and see for myself! Mom's going to bring it home from her classes tonight, Volunteer Braille Services is on the way, and then I'll read it. It's going to be so cool!!
The coco butter mom bought last night doesn't agrivate my foot which is nice, and it absorbs! No more skidding across the carpet!!

Well, gotta go!

See you!!



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