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The NPR story on DVS which can be found here, I've decided to give an audio description of a scene in my morning.
Morning, the clock reads 7:00 AM on a radio next to a teenaged girl's bed. A yellow lab lays nestled in a dog bed. The lab is tied to the bed by a length of cable attached to his collar.
The dog stands and shakes vigorously. The girl sits up, a perplexed look on her face. She tosses and turns, trying to go back to sleep.
His first attempts failing, the yellow lab stands on his hind legs, hops onto the bed and digs his toe nails into the girl's legs.
Frustrated, she gets up.
"Julio, it's Saturday!"
She attaches a leash to the dog's collar, removing the cable. Together they walk down stairs. A man sits in a recliner watching television.
"Hey J Man!"
"He woke me up. Twice."
The man laughs, the girl punches him playfully.
The End
Tags: guide dogs

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