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Yesterday, after I updated wasn't much for the morning anyway, but I went down to the U with my sis. It was fun. We took the dog too, and people seemed to think he was my guidedog. I wish I could have one now, then I would have one constant friend at high school. My heart is breaking thinking about how my friends are leaving me at the end of the summer. I know they have to go to college, but it makes me really sad. They've shared my feelings for so long that I feel like I'll be alone in that horrible high school. If I had a dog, I'd at least have someone to not feel alone with.
Well, what else can I say? Not much. My foot hurts, and my boot took a bunch of skin off my leg, so I'm crabby. Hope other people are having good days!
The one exciting thing is that I'm gone in four days! It's going to be awesome!

Well, gotta go!!



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