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Woke up this morning tired as usual. I did get pizza for breakfast which was a plus!
In Fantasy and Fiction, I got to look stuff up... fun!
Then we had PACER puppets. The show went well. Must share the funny quotes. We've all, at least, those of us who have dogs, the random names for our dogs that are amusing. Anyway, I play a blind puppet, and we ask the kids why they think she's blind, because they guess her disability (not as bad as I make it sound!) Anyway, the kids saw me with Julio before the show, and connected it. So half a dozen of them brought up Julio as their justification. Anyway, he was called a "Seeing Eye Dog" "Guide Dog" "Guard Dog" and my personal favorite "An I see dog". Or is that an "Eye See" dog?
Anyway, that was too good not to share.
We got lunch at good old McDonalds, and then headed back to school. The newspaper came out today, so people were getting that under control in journalism. I earnestly hope my article isn't bearing my name, because it really, truly and honestly is the biggest trashy heap of junk I've written for the paper. And I'm not just saying that!
One of our journalism peeps was back from last year which rocked!
Then I went to history, where I learned a whole bunch of cool stuff. I laughed my butt off too!
Now I'm home and I'm going to read a bunch of junk.
See ya!

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