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Last two days

So yesterday wasn't too bad... for a crappy Monday. OOPS!!! Did I say that???
Let's see, discussed more mythology in Fantasy and Fiction. Not liking all of that, but some of that is cool.
Discussed freedom of religion in Personal Law. We saw these people handling snakes which was different. I've heard about it before, but never seen it.
Then in journalism, we continued discussing ethics and all that fun stuff.
Our CIS History teacher was sick. So we got some study time!
And then I had the doctor appointment. She said the only way to fix what's wrong would be a surgery to fuse a bone. But we probably won't do that because:
1: It would require me to be off the foot completely for two months.
2. I told GDB I wasn't gonna have surgery.
3. Since I've already had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which turns my foot weird colors, hurts bad and is nasty, I could probably experience that again and we don't want to.
She injected in a different spot.
And she's gonna talk to another doctor to make sure.
And we're not doing the surgery probably.
And when I asked about alternative care options, she suggested acupuncture which scares the crap out of me.
And I'm willing to try almost anything at this point.
So, we're going back in three weeks to see how things are going. Then we'll decide on the acupuncture.
Anyone remember the fateful dream?
I did feel well enough to go to prayer which was good.
Today was okay. Let's see, applied for Metro, just in case. Um... Put Julio in a place to rest during lunch but didn't even get to eat.
It took five minutes to get him all settled, counting leaving class and such. Then the line took some time. I sat down, and someone came over and talked to me and I only got part of my sandwich. Then I had to go get Julio to relieve. So that was less than successful. I'm hoping the larger Gentle Leader will come soon.
Alright, that's all.

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