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Oh man!

Okay, I've heard of stupid people, but you really have to wonder. This is hilarious!
From The bozo criminal of the day web site
Bozo criminal for today comes from Frankfurt, Germany where an unidentified bozo had a little too much to drink one evening and began bragging to his drinking
buddies about the hand grenades he had bought at a flea market a few years back. When they didn't believe him, he retrieved one from the dresser drawer
where he kept it, promptly pulled the pin and tossed it out into the street between two apartment complexes. Good thing he threw it outside as the thing
blew sky high, causing some damage but no injuries. The cops quickly arrived and confiscated the other two grenades and arrested our bozo before he could
do any more damage.

Yes, folks, that's the truth!
In other news, my foot is sore enough that I can't get to sleep right away again.
But school is fun *shudders at the coming of the end of the world as we know it!*
And I need to do some stuff.
I think I'm back to needing to make lists.
Or something.
But I did translate a French chain letter into English for mom, and that made me feel pretty good!

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