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Fun two days!

Yesterday I had to get up early for the chiropractor. I didn't go back to bed. I got home, took a shower and vedged out.
At noon we went to the bank, then Devoni's. Good food was eaten. (passive sentence, consider revising... OR NOT!)
Mom dropped me at my friend (K)'s house, and we hung out. Getting to just chat was nice. I didn't have to be anywhere, do anything, or act like anyone other than myself. I've had several experiences like that this week, and it's doing me a lot of good. We had sodas, and my friend used two way radios to tell me what kind of pop she could get out of the vending machines. I got orange pop, one of my favorites.
After dinner, we went to her church. The middle school group had a fear factor night, and let's just say those kids are way way braver than I am! I got to meet (K)'s friend who's a youth pastor, and she's amazing. Seeing her in action confirms to me that being a youth pastor is *NOT where God wants me right now. I'm not sad at all. I just know that I don't have the energy to work with that much energy.
I loved seeing her in action though! And she talked to the kids about how God is there through our fears, even though we don't always see Him. I needed to here that!
Today we went to St. Kates for a financial aid talk. We recieved a lot of good information. I did decide that I need a lot of mobility. I think I want to be familiarized with my cane first, then with the J Meister. That way, he doesn't have to deal with my screw ups.
I'm also happy because I talked to the presenter, and she said she'd send me a copy of the powerpoint she used. Yay for equal access.
It's a rainy day, and I'm ready for a nap!

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