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This weekend was a good one. Even when I consider the major mood swings which went from nearly jumping out of my skin (literally), to wanting to curl in a ball and cry. I'm starting to feel less withdrawn. That's good, because I think I came off as more of a jerk than I normally do... which is saying something!
We had some snow on Friday. That was interesting. Julio loves it! We went to the Lion's convention which was like thirty miles away. Julio did well. Talk about the ultimate in pedestrian clearances! He's still so food distracted. But he made me proud.
I didn't sleep all that well on Friday night. I think it was the steroid.
Mom and I went out and relieved Julio, then had breakfast. I think that's the biggest omlet I've ever seen! 'Course that's what I get for putting ham, cheese, mushrooms and onions in it.
We went to the Mall of America. I bought a book to scan, and a print copy of a book I like to give to a friend. I got a coupple t-shirts, and we stopped for coffee.
Then we had the ACBM meeting, which was good. michael_m Lots of fun chatting!
By the end though, I felt pretty lousy. I expected it, but it didn't help the situation. I felt bad, because I wanted to be in a better mood for the meeting, and I was just kind of crabby and jumpy.
Luckily, Helena let me stay at her apartment last night while mom and dad went to the banquet. We just chilled.
This morning was church, and there were some fun discussions in the second Sunday school class I went to.
Tonight, I went out to dinner with my parents and two good friends. They surprised me by giving me a mood light that has different schemes of lighting and/or music. This is cool for me, because lights and colors are all I see. But the best part was just hanging out.
I've been fortunate to see a lot of my friends this weekend!
Well, it's almost bedtime!

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