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Reading is fun!

Anyone remember those days when we'd all go to the library, and there'd be tons of books on the tables, and we could have which ever one we wanted? And then we'd give it to the librarian, and he'd stamp it so that we'd know id wasn't part of the library? They called it rif, short for reading is fun. I never really got overjoyed for those days. I couldn't read the book anyway.
What's made me think of that is my increasing interest in electronic books. I'm using Audible.com and the Book Port, and I love it. I have found several books that aren't available to me in other alternative formats, especially since I loathe tapes (don't ask why, I just do!). I also get a subscription to an audio program, and this month, I chose the New York Times. It's just a digest, and you can argue that that's not the news paper, and in a way you're right. But if I find articles online, they tend to be of special interest to me. My teachers aren't likely to bring them up in class, and students roll their eyes, when I discuss them. You could probably call me a nerd, but I know some cool people with the same interests. I've heard a lot of good things about RSS, but I'm not willing to go check out the web sites just to get the information. If the whole stories were emailed to me, I could justify it, because I'd read it on my BrailleNote.
Generally, I get articles I'm interested in from lists I'm on, or maybe Google News, or I see them in friends blogs. If I want to know what's going on that "everyone" is talking about (notice the quotes!), this works for me. I download the paper, throw it on my Bookport, and voila! I can take it with me.
I also find books that aren't on Bookshare or NLS's Web-Braille. One could argue that I should scan them, since I have Kurzweil, but I have other things to do with my time right now.
I really like using this method, it works, which is really important, and it's convenient.
I'll never stop reading books on my BrailleNote, you can't replace the feeling of Braille. But it is nice to have a book to read that is read in a human voice and all of that. It's really nice to have options!
My whole point in this is to say that for me now, as it has been since I got my BrailleNote, READING IS FUN!


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Jan. 13th, 2005 10:12 pm (UTC)
Nickie, there is a new electronic audio book project called Unabridged, which allows LBPH patrons to download audio books. The project is just starting up, and only five states are currently participating, but this is something to watch, as I'm sure it will expand soon. The books, however, are in WMA format with DRM, which I'm not sure the Bookport can handle, but you are allowed to download the books and transfer them onto a portable device, and even burn them to CD. If your regional library for the blind is not currently participating in Unabridged, you might let them know about it so they can consider getting on board.
Jan. 13th, 2005 11:17 pm (UTC)
That definitely sounds interesting. I think the player that ended up coming free with my Audible subscription plays that format, which would be cool!
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