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The Complete Word Of God... Abridged

Yes, that's what it said on Audible as I tried to look for books. Maybe I need a new dictionary, but I thought abridged books are incomplete?? Maybe I should lie down.
I got the Bookport from The American Printing Hous For The Blind. It's very cool, and once I get the key from Recordings For The Blind and Dyslexic, I'll be able to use the DAISY functionallity of it. Of course, there is Daisy from Bookshare, but I don't see a point in that when I have my BN and can read in Braille.
I had another allergic reaction yesterday. I didn't have to go to the ER this time. As soon as I noticed the extreme itching in my legs, I told mom and we went for some benedril. This is frustrating to me. The only thing it could be is grape jelly (last time it was strawberry.) I question how I could have let this happen. Logically, I know that we thought it was just the fact that the Jelly was turning to sugar the first time, but it's still hard to take. I also liked my jams and jellies on toast, and this means I can't have it. That's frustrating. It was so nummy.
I have a doctor's appointment, and maybe these orthodics will help. Hopefully, too, I won't flinch as much with the injection this time.
The style guide is going well, and I'm hoping it'll be something I can be proud of.
If it gets used after this year, I'll at least be able to say I made a tangible difference to the school.
I'm pretty tired now because of my foot wearing me out. I wonder if I have a meeting tonight? I'll find out later, if earthlink ever starts being nice.

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