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Well, I didn't get the full ride, which I expected. I think you have to be smart for that, and although people say I'm intelligent, I'm not smart enough for that big of a scholarship. I did, however, get $7,000 each year. Which means $20,000 left to pay for. Better get on fastweb again.
In other news, Julio's work has been really on. Even if my foot is killing me. Maybe I'll feel better after Monday, or more likely not. I'm tired of getting my hopes up. I'm still beating myself up for tripping. Maybe it was Julio's fault, but I need better balance or something. And I question if I didthe right thing. I'm sure I'll feel more confident later.
Also, now I'm taking vitamins. Maybe they'll help with energy.
In other news, I'm not too good of a c++ programmer. Details evade me. But hey, that's okay.
In a much happier front, the style guide I'm working on for Journalism is going well. I'n learning a lot. I'm feeling confident that I will finish it in time. And I am really enjoying my psychology class. It's kind of fun because I'm learning about learning, and much of it can be applied to guidework.
Anyone want to be experimented on? Mwahahahahaha!!!
And I'm getting a Bookport!
Well, I should go!

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