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So the doctor's appointment went well. I'm on mondo amounts of anti inflamitories, and will be getting orthodics. The fitting didn't hurt for these which was a plus. She will give me another injection when I pick up the orthodics.
Today was good. I got some junk done. And now I'm waiting for my friend to do her radio show.
I'm looking for some new books to read, even though I have like 4 I haven't read.
And stay tuned for my list of Christmas carols from Julio and Baxter.

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    Thu, 17:01: breakdown of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Title 2. Happening now in @ clubhouse!

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    Tue, 12:00: Apple event commentary and watch along. Happening now in @ clubhouse!

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    Sat, 23:06: I'm discussing “Check in and chat” with Chronically blind. Tomorrow, Aug 29 at 1:00 PM CDT in @ clubhouse. Join us!…

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