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Yeah, I know

It's been a busy week I guess. I think I mentioned the whole twist to the foot thing, which hasn't gotten better. Looks like I have a fun doctor's appointment tomorrow. Fun stuff.
I hardly remember Thursday, accept that I found out I could actually go to my sister and friend's dinner party which kicked butt!
Friday was the party, and it was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it! Met some cool people, but I will admit that I felt out of place. I knew some of the people there, but only knew two of them well. My foot wasn't feeling good at all! I still think it was one of the coolest things we could've done.
Saturday, I did homework, went to a re-dedication for a marriage and went to buy gifts. We went to <a href=">Romano's Macaroni Grill</a> That was awesome! The waitress (I won't mention her name but I do know it), was awesome! She actually referred to me by name after helping me fill out the little create your own pasta thing. She was direct, and fun! Yesterday was the last day of Prayer class. I'm very sad it's over, but glad I went through it! We went to the house of some of our friends. That was fun. I got a book in Braille and French, and shock of shocks, understood some of it! I guess I have to stop saying my French sucks. Maybe I'll just say it's bad (I'm joking people!). Today should've been a day off, but it wasn't! I'm not too happy, Julio hasn't lost weight. And I've cut back, hardly give him treats and all that. I can feel his ribs too! Other than that, not much! Hugs! Nickie

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