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Oh what a night!!!

Last night was positively amazing!!
The night started with me waking up to mom yelling that I needed to get up. We were late to pick up my friend who left her dog at home. We chatted in the car and talked about a lot of stuff.
We went to McDonalds for dinner, then headed for the excel center. Julio worked really well, his tail was wagging and I was smiling.
The concert was amazing! My two friends and I cheered, clapped and sang. Michael W. did the Christmas bells song. Since we did that in YPA, it's been a favorite of mine. But to have the Catina's and Point of Grace sing the harmony... Did I say amazing???
Hearing him sing Healing rain live, and have rain and thunder was cool! But worshiping with everyone! Was great too!
Spending time in God's presence was soothing. What a joy!
Then we went to Subway. I shouldn't have had Dr. Pepper so late. I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 or at least.
Sunday school was amazing too!
Here's a quote I got as a devotion yesterday:
"No God, no peace. Know God know peace." --unknown.

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