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Things are getting messy again

I'm not sure I feel safe here anymore at church. For anyone who wants to know: I am staying away from the situation. It's not any of our business. If you can't follow this logic, chances are, it's not important for you to do so.
Now, for the real update.
I went to see Avalon, Mark Schultz and Matthew West with two good friends. It was fun to travel with two guide dog users, and Julio makes me proud!
I spent the night with one of them, and learned a lot. It was a lot of fun. We went to get doughnuts in the morning and crossed a scary intersection with ease. I love Julio, and I got confirmation that maybe I'm doing okay as his mom after all. I doubt myself.
I got sick though, and I think it's because of stress. Plus the ear infection (get to that in a Second).
Anyway, we went to the MNGDU meeting, but I left because I was so sick.
Went to urgent care, I have an ear infection.
Said good-bye to one of my best friends last night and tried to eat something. I succeeded.
That's what's going on.

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