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If you think that subject was a horendous way of titling an entry, you're absolutely right! See, I was playing on the fact that I took the ACT, which I don't know what it stands for, but that's okay.
It wasn't as hard as I thought which means one of two things. Either I'm not doomed to not be accepted to a college, or I failed it miserably! One in two choices, is not bad, in fact, it's better odds than you ever get on a question on the afore mentioned test. It'll be nice once I get my scores back.
Julio was a good boy! He didn't distract me too much.
Let's see, what else? Not much that I can think of. My brain is somewhat fried, and after 6 hours of test, I guess that's expected, but I honestly don't think it was as bad as I expected.

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