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Well, it's been a pretty busy weekend. Thursday, I didn't do much. I played with the J-Man a while, and such.
Friday, I had my first follow-up visit. Our field manager is really really great. I just want to thank 1marlaina publicly for encouraging me to go to a school with kick butt follow up! Some of the things Lauren suggested were so simple, I could kick myself for not thinking of them sooner. But I'm not going to, and here's why,

  • My foot hurts, so kicking myself would be rather counter-productive

  • GDB wouldn't have follow-up visits if we didn't need them, and they offer them to everyone

  • It's hard to remember everything, and I've only been a dog user for 3 months.

  • She said we are doing well, and I believe her. Obviously, there are some things I just needed help with

We got help with distractions. Somehow, I never remembered, thought of, or other wise comprehended that I can have Julio sit, and if he is cranking his neck to look at something, even just to the side, I can correct him.
She helped us with a somewhat troublesome spot at 4th and Broadway. And then helped a ton at Lake and Broadway. It turns out that that curb is really crowded, and Julio is actually doing the right thing by not going where we thought he should. I got it now, though, and he's more comfortable there, so it's good! We stopped for coffee, and then reversed the route. He did pretty well at that too.
I went home and packed.
We went down to the cities, and hung out with spuds16. We had lunch at the Hopscotch Grill in Block E. They said the Braille menus are on order. That's good!
Then, mom left, and we went to national camer and video. Julio liked that store. It was raining slightly, and Julio doesn't like that much. But that's okay, he did pretty well at working.
We went to Target, where they have a manual revolving door that spuds16 made me practice using. Our first time (going in) wasn't the best, but it was okay.
We used an escalator, then went shopping. A two floor Target? No way! I got some socks, because I was out of clean ones, and wouldn't have any for the next day if I didn't. I also got a jade track jacket that's vileur(sp?).
Then we went to city center (I think?), looked at some stuff, but I just bought a lip balm. Then we grabbed a coffee from Starbucks. Hopped a bus, and it was only the second city bus ride I'd taken with Julio, including the one we took in class. We did really well, surprisingly, but I shouldn't be too surprised. Julio is a great dog, and I'm starting to catch up to his quality of work.
We went to the Art building at the U. I fed Julio in the bathroom, and we relieved him. It was getting kind of late, and he was about to go on strike. Hung out at the Art building for a while, then went to spuds16's apartment. We orderd food from Devoni's, but they took forever. We took some pictures for a photo project. It wasn't that bad.
I forgot Julio's tie-down, so we had to let him be loose. We closed the door, so all he could do was be in the same room with us, but I was worried about him.
Yesterday was Closing The Gap. That was cool!
I was tired though. I got a compact flash card for my BN from Micro Center. That's good, because I can share files with other people who don't have a PCMCIA slot. Then we went to the ACBM meeting.
That was fun too, but I'm afraid I might have been crabby at people because I was tired.
Then I came home and crashed.
This morning, I went to church. We had Sunday school, and service. I'm excited that we have new songs, but don't know the words. That's not the most fun, but I think we're working on a way for the words to be emailed to me. I'm already getting the bulletin that way.
Then we did the Kodiak route, and I met Dad at the end. He had just dropped me off at Central, and then I guess he followed from a block away. I didn't know that, so it was like being alone. We did it! I'm so happy! We really did it!
Sorry this has been so long! It's just been a good weekend!
Hopefully, I'll find out soon about my foot. It's killing me!
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