Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Yesterday was a good day. everyone in the CIS class was tired. We finished Gandhi in Eastern Civ. We had homeroom, and I don't remember what I did then. In CIS writing, we had doughnuts and got some more lecture material on our trend analysis paper.
In journalism I researched the article I'm doing, but have come up with very little.
And in French, we finished the story we've been reading.
The MRI went fine. I found this place to be much more friendly than the one I've gone to previously. The receptionist didn't look helplessly at Mom when I asked where the restroom was. Instead, she gave clear, precise directions that I followed easily.
The technologist took my explanation of sighted guide easily. I knew that there would be no way Julio could come back with me, because I couldn't control him at all, since you can't move. They made sure I was comfortable, and explained everything thoroughly. They were even thoughtful enough to give me an extra blanket on my feet since they were bare.
They joked with me, didn't shy away from me like I've experienced in the past.
When I came back out to the waiting room, there was a survey which Mom helped me fill out. It even asked about lighting in the lobby and accessibility of the facility, and whether the receptionist and technologists were friendly and treated me with sensitivity.
If I have to ever get an MRI again, I'd rather go there.
I spoke to the Lions and Lionesses yesterday. It went well, accept for someone petting Julio in the middle of it and making him get riled up so I had to get him resettled.
I slept in a little bit today. And I've relaxed and researched the rest of the day.

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